Are You Married And Taken For Granted
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Being taken for granted in your marriage can lead to anger and resentment. In everyday married life, you may lose sight of your priorities. You can easily forget just how much your spouse means to you. Then, relatively minor issues provide an opportunity for an angry trashing of your "misbehaving" spouse. You most probably began your marriage with the idea and feelings that your spouse is the most valuable person in the free chat line phone number world.


Some of us are masters at taking our wives for granted. Its nearly an art form — albeit an unconscious one. Why do men take wives or long-term partners for granted? Ill skip over the fluff and get straight to the heart of the issue, based on my experience as a former counselor turned coach.

Men take their wives for granted as a manifestation of their own drive toward rejection. Lets take a look at how that works on unconscious level. But first, let me remind you of the miserable dance many couples chat rooms calgary. Many men take their wives for granted because they are consciously focused on other things.

Professional relationship chat room, work around the house, hobbies and leisure activities. As long as shes not complaining, they dont notice a problem. Oh, maybe they have stray thoughts like, I should be more appreciative.

I should go spend some time with her.

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I ought to go help with dinner. Shes had enough. Then, she lays down the gauntlet.

You are informed that she is exhausted of the lack of appreciation and your lack of investment in the relationship. Her emotional bank is drained and she is done with you.

Given that romantic love is never unconditionalthe man is jolted awake when his partner begins falling out of love. Filled with panic, you instantly transform into The Best Husband Ever.

Compliments, flowers, and tiny acts of kindness abound. Youre a man on a mission to save your relationship and avoid being alone. Totally insecure, you keep at it until the situation seems handled. With renewed faith, she relaxes back into coupledom. Your sex life is happening again. All is well. Some marriages go through many cycles of this dance, until things finally end out loretta lynn table for two frustration, or all hope is lost and the couple settles for less than expected. If we just cut to the chase with whats going on deep down in a mans psyche, wed find the following:.

Being taken for granted

At his core, the man is wounded — convinced that no woman will ever want to be close to him. As a result, many men do something wildly childish. They take frank exchange they can tattoo artist chat adult women without having to return the love and be close to anyone. Of course, this is a ploy destined for failure; the one choice that guarantees rejection in the long run.

Theres no magic pill.

Men need to do their personal development work. Most of all, they need to understand emotional self-sabotage, which is held in chat with depressed strangers by negative psychological attachments — in this case, the man is likely attached to rejection. Overall, the best approach to dealing with a drive toward ultimate rejection is to educate yourself.

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Wife taken for granted quotes

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Men: why you take your wife for granted

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23 s your partner is taking you for granted

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