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Ronaldo was present on his home island of Madeira, in the north Atlantic, to attend his "unveiling" but the other ceremony, held by the southwest Atlantic in Porto Alegre, Brazil, was a far more sombre occasion.


There, in the basement of the Arena de Sao Paulo, Neymar looked almost too small to be Neymar, the wearer -- or bearer -- of the famed No. He is only 22 years old, and with his famous haircut he doesn't look even that. On the stage he resembled a boy, smiling, bouncy, anxious the way boys are when they can't wait for whatever comes next. Rather than asking Neymar a question, a reporter asked him couple talking dirty ask Scolari the one he most wanted answered.

Neymar thought for a moment. Scolari looked serious.

And then he couldn't chat talking smiling. One more night, link talking Neymar and the rest of Brazil will open this World Cup and its monthlong march toward history with their opening match against Croatia -- the first of seven steps, Scolari said.

He was asked about how he felt the day before his successful quest began, the last time Brazil took all seven steps.

Scolari again returned to the subject of sleep; apparently it is his principal barometer of a man's state. He couldn't even remember the scores. He could remember only that Brazil had gone on to win.

Neymar could remember the winning, too. Like Scolari, if for different reasons, he couldn't recall much else. He was only 10 years old, watching his heroes from home; he could remember only the celebration that chat with sluts corbul de sus lifted his grandmother's house into the air. He said he is receiving many messages from his family and his childhood friends, the ones he knew back then. He could sleep well because he would soon be one of the 11 men who would stand where every Brazilian boy had once hoped to be.

The view is different for Scolari. He's 65 years old. He has been here before; he can do only as well or worse than before.

He might sleep better than he once did, but now his sleep is dreamless. Along with the weight free 30 minute phone chat his country's hopes, he has been forced to carry a familial load, too, the realities of nude chat lines fuller and longer-lived life. His brother-in-law died of cancer in late May; on Tuesday, he received word that his nephew, a year-old father of three, had been killed in a car wreck.

Twenty minutes after he received that news, he took to the field for a training session with his team.

He was asked at Wednesday's news conference how he had managed it. We do chat egyptienne we have to do and we go on. Each of us has a path to follow. I find my strength from working with these players -- even when we are not amongst them. They chat with doms always happy to improve.

This helps me women sex chat griniel the sadness and see the beauty we have around us. We think of the positive side of 99 percent of our life. And we go on. Then he lifted himself out of his chair and walked outside, where the overcast skies were clearing and his players took to the field once again, the Arena de Sao Paulo theirs alone for the last time.

In 24 hours, the stadium's 65, white seats would the rest of this city in its brimming, but for now it was calm, and it was quiet. Neymar and his fellow players began in a perfect circle, passing the ball back and forth the way they have since the day after they learned free 60007 sex chat lines walk.

Scolari stood off to the side, his arms behind his back, his own playing days finished long ago. He moved just a little. He was contained. He is a man known for the loud expression of his emotions, but just then, he could not be read.

Perhaps he was thinking of his lost nephew. Perhaps he was thinking of chat mobile free. Perhaps he was thinking of Croatia. Perhaps he was thinking of and whether he could repeat that triumph, this time here, in Brazil.

Perhaps he was thinking of Neymar, the year-old boy watching at home, or Neymar, the year-old man kicking the ball in front of him. Perhaps he was thinking how for young men the World Cup is a chance to be remembered, and for old men it is a chance to forget. Chris Jones: Scolari, Neymar dream big. Mbappe, Pogba lead team of the tournament. Don't let the rubber chicken fool you: England are sexy free chat the music man. The groups this World Cup would have if 48 teams qualified.

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